Our Aim

Religious  Political  Social


Nowdays,we can see Religious instability in society. Reasons for this can be blind faith i.e without knowing or using his/her brain person start accepting or put blind faith. Stereotypes thoughts, Racist thinking, sex difference, cultural differences are also the resons for this.Believing that our culture greater puts an negative words towards society.
Shivsansthanm puts an effort to make society better place from religion point of view. So that human beings can stay together with unity and fearlessly.


Nowdays,Politics is the place where all the negativity is involved by means of corruption,inequality,cultural difference,Exploitation and many more.There is lack of serving attitude towards people and nation. This is the place where person gets all powers by which they can change the society and nation.If this power goes to wrong hands then he/she can use these against nation.

It is responsibility of people of nation to give their valuable vote to the person who is not only qualified but also who is loyal towards peoples and nation.Shivsansthanm helps to give this idea by puting politicals persons work towards society So that, people can decide to whom we should vote.


Society is the place where all the human being are lived together but as the different religions of peoples are in society, many differences are created due to religion thought process to make there culture or prove there culture is better than others.Because of this reason peoples of society not able to solve there social issues.

We will provide the stage to social communities so that they can solve their issues and help society to grow and help each other.

Meditation Camp At Thane
LOCATIONS Sarpatha, Shahgunj Jaunpur- 223106 (UP)